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Course name :  French
Course level:  Higher

These courses have been designed to ensure that our young people, through the medium of the foreign language, have an awareness of the world around them and a sympathetic and respectful interest in other cultures.  They will continue to develop the competence and confidence to communicate with French, Spanish or German speaking people.  Their practical skills will also be developed through tutorial sessions with the foreign language assistants.   

A wide range of skills will also be developed and expanded.
Learners will be able to :

  • - read a wide range of texts in different media
  • - be critical thinkers and be creative
  • - enhance their communication skills
  • - develop a knowledge of the structure of the foreign language and how it relates to their own
  • - raise awareness of other cultures and international citizenship
  • - develop generic skills such as working with others, research skills, skills in presenting information and IT skills

Course Structure:

The Modern Language Higher course consists of 2 mandatory units:
Using Language Unit and Understanding Language Unit

Each unit has two outcomes:
Using Language Unit
- Outcome 1: Talking
-Outcome 2: Writing

Understanding Language Unit
- Outcome 1: Reading
- Outcome 2: Listening

The topics covered through the units will be on the themes of Society, Learning,
Employability and Culture as in the National 5 course

Entry requirements:

It is recommended that for Higher, pupils will have achieved a competent pass at National 5.

Homework is an essential part of teaching and learning and helps to establish a routine of high expectations and achievement. Its purpose is to promote the learning of the relevant material and to consolidate previous learning. Homework will challenge all pupils and provide them with opportunities for personal achievement. Homework is issued regularly and is designed to develop the skills necessary to pass the course.  These include the writing of essays in the target language, preparation of current speaking topics and further enhancing performance and competence in writing, listening, reading and translation.
Students are also encouraged to access newspaper items and listening materials in the target language.


From Higher in S5, the learner may progress to Advanced Higher Level in S6.

Useful websites:

We recommend the following websites in particular: (username and password provided by the department) (username and password provided by the department)                              


To gain the award for the course, the learner must pass both component units of the course as well as the external assessment.  External assessment will provide the basis for grading attainment in the course award.

Internal Assessment: The learner must pass one assessment in Reading and listening (Understanding Language) and Writing and Talking (using Language). The Assessment will cover one of the four contexts: society, learning, employability or culture.

External Assessment: To gain an overall award at Higher, the student must pass the external exam:
Reading and Directed Writing:   40%
Listening and Writing:              30%
Talking:                                 30%